Thursday, March 6, 2008

User properties

Change users Distinguished Name / Displayname according to naming-convention via a regular expression, Initials, First name, Lastname (also according to naming-convention), Gender, ProfilePath, HomeDirectory, Quota, Exchange quota and log to Excel/File.

A staggering 10.000 users accounts changes are done with my tool every year. In one organization only!

Added the functionality to change the username
according to naming-convention via a regular expression and automatically change all variables that are affected by that action; Change ProfilePath, HomeDirectory, change (terminal) ProfilePath, change HomeDirectory and add e-mail addresses in the Active Directory.

Search option is also implemented works automatically if there are more than one hits on a search. You can search on parts of or complete usernames, displaynames and msn numbers!

Programmed in 2005 Using ActiveDS*, tsuserexlib, System.Collections, System.Diagnostics, System.DirectoryServices, System.Drawing, System.IO, System.Management, System.Net, System.Net.Mail, System.Net.Mime, System.Management, System.Security, System.Text.Regularexpressions, System.Threading .

Create Users

Create users in multiple Windows Domains with mailbox, home folder, profile folder, Exchange mailbox, e-mail aliases and copy user Active Directory Group Memberships. Plus quota and Exchange quota and log to e-mail and HTML file.

A staggering 1750 users accounts are created with my tool every year. In one organization only!

Programmed in 2005 using ActiveDS*, CDOEXM, System.Collections, System.DirectoryServices, System.IO, System.Management, System.Net, System.Net.Mail, System.Net.Mime, System.Threading, System.Security, System.Security.AccessControl, System.Security.Principal, System.ComponentModel, System.Text.RegularExpressions

Image Renamer

Renames all jpg files in a folder and if selected all subfolders to the jpg create-date. For better viewing in Explorer and chronological view. Will also create an option to resize pictures.

Programmed in 2008 using WIA COM

Duncan's Killer

An application I've written to kill a process on a remote or local computer. Just fill in the computername and the process to kill.

Programmed in 2005
using WMI/Management Class

Active Directory Queries

Different applications for disabling and destroying accounts. Including profile folders and personal folders. Cleanup of over 2500 non-used user accounts. Removal based on official hospital policy. 2005 using ActiveDs*, System, System.IO, System.DirectoryServices, System.Management, System.Net, System.Net.Mail, System.Net.Mime, System.Threading, System.ComponentModel.

*ActiveDS is needed to convert the ActiveDS.LargeInteger (64-bit) to Int64. Needed for reading dates in Active Directoy. Time and date are stored in as the total of nanoseconds from 01-01-1601.

All Option Explicit and Option Strict programming. For faster applications and access time, build time, runtime time

Duncan's Key Reader and Changer

I created this application because I lost my Windows XP key. And being a programmer getting it from the registry as a base24 encrypted key wasn't hard. However getting it converted to a genuine key was a little harder. Now it can read and change Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and Professional and Windows Vista Home basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate Product Keys.

If you have an OEM version you can't use the key generated from this program. In this case you MUST use the Product Key provided on the computer case. Read the disclaimer carefully!

I found out that after Office 2000 the registration key was also stored as a base24 encrypted key. This application can read the key but Microsoft has not yet created a way to change this key. I will test removing the key and see how Windows responds. For now reading the key is paramount.

In the picture below you can see the application. Of course with edited dummy keys. Completely created in 2008.